Magic Wand Packs

All your worries about party bags are over!
Magic Russ's Wand Packs
Special introductory price
ONLY £1.50 each*

Magic Russ is very excited to introduce his brand new party favours, which are getting all the children buzzing with magical excitement.
These packs, available to give out to your party guests, each contain a high-quality magician's wand and four great wand tricks to learn.

🔹Wand is 10" long, making the pack 10" x 4"

🔹Easy-to-follow gloss-printed instructions

🔹Packed in a clear, sealed bag

🔹Video tutorial

🔹Another perfect souvenir of a magical party

Wand Packs are a refreshing alternative to bags of sweets or toys that vanish under the sofa (which isn't the kind of magic Russ is aiming for!). The massive bonus with this party favour is the video tutorial of tricks which can be found in the secret
'Magicians Only' area below.

The Tricks

Rubber Wand
Super Magnet Wand
Wand From Card Box
Sticky Wand

Below you will find the video tutorials for the tricks that come with the wand pack. So if your guests find it hard to follow the printed instructions, they can always see the tricks (and the secret behind the tricks) with their own eyes.

This video will be mentioned at the end of the party by Magic Russ - and the link to this page is printed on the wand pack.

Magicians Only!

This video should only be watched by magicians who have taken the Magic Russ oath, promising to keep the secrets to themselves forever and ever.
Magic Russ hopes you enjoy learning his cool tricks...

* Please note: the price above is based on a minimum of ten wand packs. The normal price for less than ten is £2.50 per pack.
Magic Russ is happy to sell you exactly the number you need on the day, so none are wasted and you pay for only what you need (another advantage of the wand packs over regular party bags).