Hints & Tips

Top tips for organising a magical party

Party magician Magic Russ has attended hundreds of children’s parties in his time and, as a dad himself, knows a thing or two about keeping little ones happy. Here are Russ’s top tips for holding a magical party.


Tip Plan well ahead
It's a good idea to set a date well in advance, book your chosen entertainer and send out invitations early (you can download a free template for printing here). In a class of 30 there are birthdays throughout the school year and it wouldn't do to clash with anyone else's big day! Plus the most popular magicians tend to get booked up quickly. Most won't mind you confirming the venue with them nearer the time.

Tip Give clear instructions
Don't forget the essentials on your invitations: your child's name, the date, venue and times of the party, whether parents are invited to stay and RSVP instructions. You may wish to include a small map to the venue and also ask whether guests have any special dietary requirements.

Tip Think about the age range of guests
Children develop quickly in early years and what appeals to a six-year-old is likely to be boring to a nine-year-old. Obviously there will always be slight age variations in guests (especially if you're inviting cousins and siblings), though, and a good magician will be able to hold everyone's attention.

Tip Keep it short
Magic Russ's experience of children's parties tells him that a great party for four to
seven-year-olds only needs to last two hours or so. The adults involved will find this plenty long enough too! It gives everyone ample time for entertainment, food and a spot of running around to burn up excess energy ...

Tip Don't stress about fancy dress
Fancy dress parties are fun for older children, but not always ideal for younger groups. Costumes can be impractical and even hazardous - and they're often a headache for parents to organise. For many children just going to a party is exciting enough.

Tip String up a few decorations
Banners, streamers, tablecloths, hats and balloons will really set the party mood. You and your child could even make some of them together in the days before the event - it's a good way to channel that pre-birthday impatience ON THE DAY.

Tip Show where the party's at
On the day of your party, it's nice to tie balloons and maybe a banner to your front door. This shows guests where the party is and also sets the mood for the occasion.

Tip Assign a table for presents
When guests arrive, it's a good idea to put presents and cards to one side ready for your child to open after the party. This saves time and avoids mess, breakages and bouts of jealousy from other children. It gives your birthday boy or girl something to look forward to after their guests have gone home and means you can carefully record who has sent what, for those all-important thank-you cards.

Tip Keep the food simple
Don't think you have to give lots of choice or make a ceremony of the buffet. Children tend to go for simple snacks, such as sandwiches, crisps, jelly and cakes, and probably won't stop to appreciate your all-night baking sessions. It's also a good idea to keep the food session separate from the magic show or other entertainment, so children are not distracted.

Tip Save the squeakers
It's best not to give out squeakers, balloons or blowers until the end of the party, as they can turn a well-organised occasion into bedlam.

Tip Give out party bags
Rightly or wrongly, children almost expect a goodie bag these days. That doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on them, though. A piece of cake, and a Magic Russ Wand Pack will send everyone happily on their way...

Tip PlayStation 4 Games Console
By prior arrangement Magic Russ can provide a PlayStation 4 games console and monitor together with a selection of age appropriate games to keep the birthday child occupied whilst the show is being set up, giving you a stress-free hour to dress the room before everyone arrives.

If you’d like to hire Magic Russ for your child’s next party, call him on 07773 803933 or submit the enquiry form.