About Dave The Wonder Dog

Dave The Wonder Dog

Hi, I'm Dave ... that's Dave the Wonderdog to you!

Where to start. I'm a dog, obviously. Some silly people think I'm a puppet, but you've only got to look at me to see that's not true. My lovely coat even won me a prize at Tufts Dog Show last year. I was so pleased I nearly wee'd on the judge!

Being a dog is great - and you get to keep a human pet too. My pet is called Magic Russ. He's OK really. Sometimes he sits in my favourite chair (grrr!) while we're watching television, but mostly he's fine. Talking of TV my favourite programmes are the Antiques Boneshow and I'm A Crossbreed Get Me Out Of Here. What are yours?

When we're not watching telly, Russ and I practise our magic act. (If you book me, I'll tell you more about the show.) I'm usually well behaved ... not like a Labrador I know called Fido. He eats from bins, jumps up at people and his breath is so bad it could strip wallpaper! No - I'm very good. I would never poke a wand in Russ' ear or stick my tongue out. Definitely not. I would certainly not try to make everyone laugh hysterically until they're sick. Honestly ...

Looking forward to seeing you at a party soon! Woof!

Dave Tours The World!

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Dave's Favourite Games

<strong>Dave</strong> The Wonder Dog

Whenever I wake up early and Russ is still asleep, I like to play games while I'm waiting for my breakfast (usually Woofabix or Crunchy Mutt Cornflakes).

Here are some of my favourite games - just click on whichever one you want to play.

I hope you like them!

Click To Play Trap ShootClick To Play Ice BreakoutClick To Play Snake

Click To Play Penguin PushClick To Play SheepishClick To Play Bug On A Wire