About Chico The Monkey

Chico The Monkey

Olé, my friends! I am Chico the Mind-Reading Monkey. Here is a little bit about me ...

I come from Brazil, where the weather is hot and the people are very beautiful. Now I live in England, with Magic Russ.

Magic Russ may tell you that I am naughty, but this is not true. I am sweet, kind and very well-behaved. If I had my way, I would sleep in my basket all day long, like a good little monkey. Only Silly Russ 'sorry, Magic Russ' always wants to wake me up and do magic tricks.

I am very good at tricks, though. It is no surprise that Magic Russ likes to have me in his show. I am also very popular with the mums!

My special trick is that I can read people's minds.

Yes, really! So don't even think about pulling my tail or stealing my bananas. I will know!

I will go now, for a quick sleep before Silly Russ wakes me up again. I look forward to meeting you soon, my cheeky monkeys.

Chico Xx

ps. Again, if Magic Russ tells you I am naughty, don't believe him. I never hit Magic Russ with frying pans. I never hit Magic Russ with pillows! If you do believe him ... well, monkey nuts to you!